Almost 20 years ago, DJ E-Casual, a.k.a. Edward DeSano, started broadcasting. He got his start on several different stations and quickly gained a following which led to his becoming the resident DJ at Benton Street. But in 1997, Edward packed up his flannel and moved to the great Northwest.

Blown away by the urban music scene, DJ E-Casual quickly joined with DJs Woogle and Classic and took the Seattle club scene by storm. For years, Edward had been working under his own production company, Casual Productions, that upon his move to Seattle was quickly acquired by Brave New World. He continued to work for them for the next few years as an audio, event and recording consultant.

Today, Edward runs his own Internet station, Liquid Hip Hop Radio, which has become the go to source for local Seattle hip-hop. And while Casual Productions has since been dissolved, EC3 Productions is now looking for new clients and to expand the music scene in in and beyond Seattle.