With all of EC3 Production’s success, we still have a main goal: to bring not just musicians, but other music industry professionals to Seattle “The reason musicians would want to come here is quite obvious, but we as a city need to find a way to incentivize labels, managers, producers, agents, and other industry purveyors to invest their efforts in developing industry within the Greater Seattle Area”

EC3 also notes that Seattle is one of the few pockets in the industry where music professionals have honest motives, and they want to see local artists prosper. “There are so many organizations here that want to help bands, and they’ve developed somewhat of a Utopia for musicians.”  We at EC3 also note how several successful industry professionals are relocating to Seattle everyday.

True to the philosophy of helping artists from the start of their career, EC3 Productions and Management has a full service, in house cooperative. EC3 offers not just artist management, Regular Radio Rotation on our in House Station, but full-scale Social Media and staffing, gear rental, merchandising and e-commerce services through many local and national merchants, content development, festival management and marketing services.

EC3 is always looking for new bands, groups, to represent and nurture. For those lucky enough to work with our team, EC3 has proven that its background, as well as our penchant for risk-taking and creativity, is a recipe for success for bands to thrive in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the Western Seaboard.